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nb_actions (API)

Actions per Visit

nb_actions_per_visit (API)

Avg. Visit Duration (in seconds)

avg_time_on_site (API)

Avg. time on page

avg_time_on_page (API)

Bounce Rate

bounce_rate (API)

Conversion Rate

conversion_rate (API)

Exit rate

exit_rate (API)


nb_hits (API)

Unique visitors

nb_uniq_visitors (API)


nb_users (API)


nb_visits (API)


All Websites dashboard (All Websites)

Browser Plugins (Visitors)

Browser engines (Visitors)

Browser version (Visitors)

Browsers (Visitors)

City (Visitors)

Configurations (Visitors)

Continent (Visitors)

Country (Visitors)

Device brand (Visitors)

Device model (Visitors)

Device type (Visitors)

Language code (Visitors)

Length of visits (Actions)

Main metrics (API)

Operating System families (Visitors)

Operating System versions (Visitors)

Pages per visit (Actions)

Provider (Visitors)

Region (Visitors)

Returning Visits (Actions)

Screen Resolution (Visitors)

Single Website dashboard (All Websites)

Visits Summary (Visitors)

Visits by day of the week (Visitors)

Visits by days since last visit (Actions)

Visits by visit number (Actions)

Visits per hour in the site's timezone (Visitors)

Visits per local time (Visitors)

Web-browser language (Visitors)

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